"Steeling our resolve"

On September 11, 2001 terrorists took the lives of over 3,000 civilians and non military public servants who simply went to work or boarded a plane. These terrorists attacked and tried to destroy a symbol of this great nation.

We pray for the brave souls who have perished and we resolve never to forget their existence. Their memories will be kept alive by their pictures, their writings, their work, the nation and most importantly their families and friends.

The World Trade Center  itself was toppled. But we can bring it back. If it was destroyed because it was a symbol then let's spit in the face of the terrorists and bring that symbol back in ways they never imagined. We can bring it back in the way Americans have always done best, we can make new  things. That is what we do best, we manufacture, we build. Let's use the steel from the WTC to make a new future.

Our proposal is to recycle the WTC steel into each batch of new steel we pour in America. Just as the spirit of the 3,000 is passed on to their families we can pass on the spirit of the WTC. The terrorists tried to destroy the towers. They are only steel and concrete and glass but they were built by American resolve and we can do that again.

With little effort we can turn what once was one type of symbol of American achievement into others equally known around the world.

The WTC can be born again into the next car you buy, into a new washing machine, certainly into new buildings. Hopefully someone will remember to save some of the steel for whatever memorial befits all that we lost on 9/11. Many who have encouraged this project have suggested WTC inside of a few 500 pound bombs! While that may appeal to many today the overall concept of WTC inside should stay with our American way of coming back from the edge for a long time after the guns are silent and the bombs stop falling.

Take a look at some of the links on the left of this page to learn more about this project. This site is just being built but know this for a fact, this is not a fund raiser, it is not a business. No monies will be accepted from anyone, please do not send any. We have gone to some length to prevent a profit from being made by anyone, including ourselves from this concept. We are basically a committee of "nobodies" as most honest, hard working Americans have always been. But we have the unique ability in the US to put the strength of a lot of "nobodies" into the power and resolve of the greatest nation on the earth. Some of the links will eventually let you know what you can do.

If you want to raise that flag just a little bit higher and wave it with added pride, stay tuned. We can get the WTC inside of our future!

As we update this on 1/1/02 we notice that some of the American flags on the cars going by are getting a bit ratty. Soon they will be torn and gone and we know that only some will be replaced.
Being able to say "Steeling Our Resolve" on the window sticker of that new car may just remind us in future years of how we all felt on 911.
Chuck, Jim and Jim Mangi