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It is a nice coincidence that this page was started on the day we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's life. Few Americans in our life time have single handedly changed this nation in the way he did.

We have always been facinated with "logical" trivia. The webmaster is a avid Jeopardy fan. As such, and being a fanatic American we thought from time to time we'd post some of the facts of our great nation. Again, per our philosphy, nothing controversial, just bits of our incredible history.

1)For openers, what were the 13 original colonies?
We had to look this one not many will know all 13.
Hint, don't bet on all of the New England states being on the list.

2)How many states have adopted the Eagle as the State Bird

3) Which bird is the most popular State Bird (the most states)

4) What is the average (at least in the NY, NJ, CT area) voter turn out for a primary?

5) There are a number of places where the US Flag is never lowered to half staff. We know a few of them but would like to hear about the others we might not know. Send info to
What places do you know? (one is a bit of a trick question)

Questions we'd like to know the answers to so that we can ask them...

Much more to follow in the near future.

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The 13 original states;
Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia
No, neither Vermont nor Maine were part of the original 13.

Oddly enough NO state has the Eagle as it's State Bird

The Cardinal has been adopted by seven states:
IL, IN, KY, NC, OH, VA and WV
The Mockingbird and the Meadowlark each claim four states:
Mockingbird in FL, MS, TN, TX
Meadowlark in MT, NE, ND, WY

Sadly only one in about seven Americans care enough to get out on a typical primary day. The strange fact then becomes that six of seven complain about the candidates that are running on the actual election day.
On the other hand, voters in NJ have elected a convicted felon which is out done by the TX and CA voters who each elected deceased persons.
We can change things at the polls. But "at the polls" is the operative word!

As reported by my research assistant and son Jim:
Arlington National Cemetary
The USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor
The Betsy Ross House
The Alamo
The moon
I've seen our flag at the 1st three, hope to see it at the Alamo. Not high hopes for the last one. But someone out there who is a dreamer may well get there. Dare to dream. This country can do anything it wants to.
Others? Let me know.
Did you also know that the term "Lower to half staff" has significant meaning? We NEVER raise a flag to half staff, it is always raised to full staff and then lowered.
And our flag is never lower than any other political flag (at least here in the US). Sounds obvious but last Memorial Day I was on vacation, looked out of the hotel room and saw all five flags at full staff at about 0900. (Protocol is flags at half staff till noon on Memorial Day)
I called this to the attention of the concierge. She had a bit of a problem understanding my concern but at least agreed to call the hotel manager. By the time I got back to my room, my wife told me to relax before I looked out the window. There was the US flag at half staff in the middle of the other four still at full staff! This time I called the manager direct! Florida is in the US isn't it?

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