The philosophy or why we are hereintown!

As of August 2004, will no longer link to nor act as a commercial web site. All sites that we are related to will be non profits.

Without question the first sites that we are putting up are those with which we already have a working relationship such as St. Patrick's Church in Bedford, NY, the Knights of Columbus and the Vietnam Veterans of America. More will follow. Some will only be links to existing sites and other will be created by us on a pro bono basis.

These statements are not a solicitation as any links we create will be posted as we see fit. This is not a negotiable condition nor do we feel we need justify refusing a link.

Our intention is that this entire site be viewable by anyone of any age, of any background and of any like and dislike. However, while not wanting to be a prude, this is our site and it is not a democracy. will not tolerate any clients who offer or post any of the following:

There are plenty of servers out there who are more than willing to cater to any or all of the above and we would prefer if you would give your business to them.

The democracy angle.

Someone once said that "democracy is a terrible form of government"..."but it is so much better than all the rest". is not a democracy. We welcome suggestions both pro and con as to how we can make it better and make your presence here better. But, our decisions are final and they may not be negotiable.
In reality, this is the way most places of business run, we just tell you this up front with no baloney or sugar coating.
All this leads us to the fact that our definition of any of the banned concepts above is final.
We do not want to be controversial. We just want it to help you be known on the internet.

How do we police?

We have not totally figured that out yet. If you ask to be linked from we will look at your site for content before linking.  

What happens if we deem content to be unacceptable?

We do not intend to debate the issue, you just will never see the link posted!

Thank you for understanding.
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