It's a Grand Old Flag
Let's display it correctly
When she if hung from a wall or a building the blue is always to the flags right or the viewers left.
The flag is never draped over something, it is hung or flown.
We have seen it draped over fences and balconies. The 500,000 men and women who died for the flag were not lazy about their love for it. Take the time to fly it correctly!
The only exception is a coffin. In that case the flag is placed so that the star field is over the heart of the deceased. The flag should be of the proper size so that the star field is on the top of the coffin.
(One could think of this as the view of the flag from the deceaseds point of view and perhaps that is appropriate).

If it is hung across a stadium or or street so that it is seen from both sides then the star field is either to the north or the east.

If two flags are shown on crossed staffs then the US flag is on the viewer's left.

The US flag is never displayed lower than any other flag. If our flag is at half staff then all others are too.

Note that our flag is never RAISED to half staff!!. It is always raised to full staff and then lowered to half staff.

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