How to get on the HIT list.

Hereintown offers a number of ways that you can be a part of this growing web site.

If you already have a site built and on a host we will be happy to provide a link to you.
We do reserve the right to reject any site and refuse to list them.
Please see our philosophy for what types of sites we will not work with.
To have us link to your  existing site send an e-mail to . Please list the complete URL address.

Don't have a site built yet?
It would be our pleasure to build one for you.
Send us an e-mail
Give us some idea of what you want to do and we will contact you.
Don't live near us? We recently completed a site for a client in Dallas, about 1800 miles from here. We never met the client, never spoke with them. Everyting was done in a matter of a few days by e-mail.

Do you want to host that site hereintown or on your own ISP? It does not matter to us where you want to "live". If we build your site you get links to it from hereintown no matter where you want the site to be. You might want to look at our page on hosting or what is available at hereintown to help make a decision.

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