What you can see and do at hereintown.com.


We plan to use hereintown.com as a general purpose community map and calendar.
It will be organized by state, then by city and then broken down by commercial and community (including schools, churches etc). As we grow the breakdown will get more defined. Initially within a town we will just use an alpha listing.
You should look at the hereintown.com philosophy to see the types of sites we will not accept. Outside of that we welcome any site that is "here in town".

National Organizations.

For those organizations that are multistate we have a separate link on the home page to those groups. The first two groups are the Vietnam Veterans of America (some 900 chapters nationwide) and the Knights of Columbus (some 11,000 councils worldwide). While those chapters and coucils may be shown within the town or state it would probably be easier to find them within their own page. VVA and KofC number their chapters/councils and they will be listed in numerical sequence.


The third main link on the home page is "specials". Of course we had to include that one to cover all the things that we have not planned on yet.

Links to Existing Sites.

We will be happy to post links to an existing site. Yes, there is a fee of $5.00 but that is our cost to review the site for content. Again, please see our philosophy.

Can we build a site for you?

We would be even happier to code a unique site for you. What do they cost? "Depends" is the best answer. As an example you might check out www.blindwolfstudios.com. This is one of our more exotic sites and cost about $2,500. And we charge a periodic fee to update the on line serialization of that excellent comic (not my determination, but they are talking to a major west coast studio). Compare that with www.qlpconsulting.com/luisa which we put together in about an hour from a Valentine card that a client wanted posted for their significant other. That one cost $75.
Could have been cheaper but he wanted different hearts surrounding the figure!


After we design your site where to you "live"?
Click here to read about the way your presence on the internet can be choreographed.
Do you want to have that permanemt presence with your own "dot com"? Or can you live "here in town".
If you have your own server (like AOL) we can work with that, build your site, upload it to AOL and then maintain it for you. If you want to rent space at hereintown.com we can assure you it is not expensive.

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